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UPDATED: Mariners reportedly to trade Jean Segura etc. to the Phillies for J.P. Crawford, Carlos Santana, etc.

Mariners to trade All-Star SS for not All-Star SS, dollar sign with feet, question marks

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
actual representation of the 2019 Mariners bench
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Ah Sunday. Time to pour a big glass of wine, turn on the Great British Bake-Off, and decompress after a hectic weekend full of trade rumors and...


So this fits the rumor that we’ve heard before, but with a touch more immediacy. See, it uses the word “serious!” That means this is a rumor with legs, people, two of ‘em! But still, it’s probably still pretty up in the air, we probably won’t hear anything more definitive for a few days until SHIT

Also, Bob, it’s “principle.” But that’s not the point! The point is that it looks like Jean Segura is gone, and the main return will be J.P. Crawford. If you want to read a little about Crawford, I wrote him up in the initial report of this proposed deal. But because you don’t send an All-Star shortstop with a relatively fine but still significant contract off for a prospect who hasn’t yet put it together in the majors, of course there are more wrinkles. What else could the Mariners get, you might ask? What intriguing young fringy prospect?

...What? Okay, well that can’t be it, right? Surely, this must mean an EVEN BETTER prospect is headed in the M’s direction.

Uhhh well that doesn’t sound great. What it sounds like, in fact, is the Mariners being cheap and desperate and dumping their All-Star shortstop for pennies on the dollar. Hopefully we will soon hear that there are other pieces in play. Or, you know, not.

Also, we’ve heard there’s a strong possibility the Mariners are sending more than just Segura in the deal, which again, you hope there are some pieces coming back from Philly. But at this point, we have no indication of who those players might be. Apparently the Philly media is a lot more tight-lipped than the New York media. We’ll update in the morning when we know more; for now, feel free to speculate wildly. Ain’t no one can put a price on your deams [listening in earpiece] ah okay I have just been told that Jerry Dipoto has, in fact, put a price on my dreams and I’m now the managing editor of Gaslamp Ball, enjoy your shiny new Freddy Galvis.