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Mariners make their new stadium partnership official: Welcome to T-Mobile Park

The Magenta Centa is born.

The Magenta Centa
T-Mobile on Twitter

With a new roster comes a new stadium partnership, and a new color scheme to boot. Safeco Field is well and truly dead. Welcome to T-Mobile Park.

That there is sure a baseball field. While they’re not fully embracing Matthew Roberson’s call to paint the seats pink, there is a pink aura that I actually find relatively pleasant, if incongruous. The new partnership will also apparently offer perks, unsurprisingly, to T-Mobile users.

It will also apparently offer live DJs in the Pen on occasion, which feels like a threat as much as anything. My major gripe is the name itself. Mariners fandom has been privy to a luxury in its entirety to this point. “I’m headed to the Kingdome”, or “they’re at Safeco” have been simple shorthands for decades. Even the Pilots likely had the simplicity of “See you at Sicks’!” And thanks to Seattle’s penchant for promoting internal greenery, proclaiming “let’s go to the Park” is liable to create more confusion than clarity.

Thanks to online gaming and common sense, I am wary of a quarter-century of “heading to T-Mo/Teemo”, but am not sure what uniform shorthand will crop up otherwise to evade the laborious effort of saying T-Mobile Park. This are the tribulations we are tasked with, however, and we must make do. So welcome our magenta overlords. May they inspire playoff fortune and financially flexible ownership.