FPF: That White Dot Disappearing Into That Blue Tarp

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Note: Our first response to our "Favorite Edgar stories" prompt is here! Here is a lovely post by Relusa. Enjoy!

I get it. Everyone has waxed poetic about the 1995 playoff run and how wonderful Edgar Martinez's Game 5 double was. It's been done. Yet, allow me to go back to another moment from that ALDS that has always stood out to me. I was 7 years old and watching Game 4 at home in Oregon with my mom and the game was tied at 6 in the bottom of the 8th. The bases were loaded and Edgar was up. My mom and I loved Edgar. Whenever he appeared in the box, there was a sense of happiness and calm that would come over the household because we knew that Edgar was going to deliver.

On a 2-2 pitch, Edgar crushed a John Wettelund delivery toward Center Field. I'll never forget the mental snapshots my brain has taken of that moment. The classic follow through with one hand. Edgar with both arms raised as he touched first base. The vision of that baseball disappearing into that blue tarp in Center Field. That's the moment that I always remember when I think of Edgar. I remember hugging my mom as the fireworks blasted. I remember the confidence that Grand Slam gave me during Game 5 when Edgar came up in the 11th. He had already delivered before, why wouldn't he deliver again?

My mom passed away less than two weeks ago. My favorite Edgar moment has became a bit more poignant than I expected it to be. When I think back to that homer, I just remember that being our moment with our guy. It's a moment I will always share with my mom, but it's also a moment that all Mariners fans share with each other. That ALDS was our moment and Edgar Martinez will always be our guy.