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FanPost Friday: Tell us your best Edgar Martinez story

It’s #EdgarHoF season...but for real this time

Mariners v White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Greetings, friends. It is a December Friday during the last voting period of Edgar Martinez’s Hall of Fame eligibility. Things are trending well for Edgar currently and given that he was dang close last year (20 votes short) and the Mariners retired his noble number 11 in 2017, well, his chances are as good as they’ll ever be. And he 100% deserves the honor. \

So, in the spirit of #EdgarHoF season, here is your prompt:

Tell us your best Edgar Martinez story

That’s it. Just fill this site with stories of how Edgar’s career has touched your lives. We want to hear from the people. Edgar has meant a lot of things to a great many people in this region and we’re just a bit over a month away from finding out if he’ll receive baseball’s highest honor it can bestow upon a player. The results will be announced on January 22 and you can bet we’ll all be dropping everything we’re doing to watch and find out.

I will promise to be more vigilant in front paging submissions this weekend. My apologies for being a bit lax on that the last couple weeks! If you missed them, check out some awesome FanPosts from Sweezo, Chris from Bothell, and Suburban Shocker.

Have a great weekend and Viva Edgar!