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Mariners Moose Tracks, 12/10/18: Harold Baines, Jeff Kingston, & Lou Piniella

Special Hall of Fame votes and VPs leaving for the Dodgers, oh my!

Lou Piniella
that bullpen, yeah that one! that’s the bullpen who severely hurt my hall of fame chances. thanks guys. thanks a lot (ass continues to get redder)

Wheeee, it’s Monday again. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Eric here filling in for trusty Anders as he attends the Winter Meetings in search of the one true SCOOP. Get ‘em, Ders!

Not a ton of news from over the weekend, but let’s get into them LINKS.

Mariners news

  • We’ll kick off with the biggest news that broke yesterday:

Seems bad!

  • Uncle Corey confirms it is (or could be) pretty bad:
  • In former (sniff, sob) Mariners news, Denard Span had a sucessful holiday fundraiser for the Denard Span Foundation:
  • Hey, cool, hop on the giant pile of outfielders, kid. Get cozy:
  • Raise your hand if you forgot Zach Vincej was no longer a Mariner:
  • Finally, Braden Bishop allegedly saved a bird’s life with a Starbucks straw over the weekend, no big deal:
  • Even has video (and a metaphor for the current Mariners) of the saved bird?

Around baseball

  • Harold Baines and Lee Smith got into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Today’s Game Era Committee. Former Mariners manager Lou Piniella missed it by one vote:
  • Some folks are less than please about Baines in particular, but it certainly bodes well for Edgar Martinez getting in:
  • Cool, cool, cool:
  • Comin’ for your job, Boras:
  • Facts are facts and happy birthday to Mike Mussina, who crushed my dreams in game one of the 1997 ALDS (still the only Mariners playoff game I’ve attended in person):