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FanPost Friday: Your favorite Mike Zunino or Guillermo Heredia moment

Might get a lil’ dusty in here

Baltimore Orioles v Seattle Mariners
roam free in tampa, magic mike.
Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

All right, folks. The first big transaction of the offseason has gone down and the Mariners have traded two long time fan favorites in Mike Zunino and Guillermo Heredia. Both have been responsible for a quite a few memorable, highlight reel moments over the years. I want you to pick your favorite for either player, or hell even do both if you’re feeling saucy, and write a FanPost about.....

Prompt: Your favorite Mike Zunino or Guillermo Heredia moment

Take a look at Kate’s excellent Zunino eulogy from yesterday to jog your memories a bit. Isabelle is working on a similar piece for Heredia that should be done soon, but here’s one to get you started.

Aw, jeez. Gonna miss you, G.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a fun thing from Big Mike, too, so here’s his “I’m so excited I don’t even know what to do with my hands” reaction after he walked off the Twins on Memorial Day weekend last season.

zzzzzzzchcchchch YEAH

Blessings to Mike and Guillermo, I wish nothing but the best for them in their careers and lives.

So dig into your memories and let’s get nostalgic about fun moments from these two delightful fellows.