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FanPost Friday: What is your favorite Mariners trade?

The hot stove is extremely hot right now, so let’s talk about DEALS

aw jeez
Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Note: The Mariners are currently under investigation by MLB regarding Dr. Lorena Martin’s charges of racism and sexism in the organization. For background on this situation, our site statement, the most up-to-date news, and to offer comments and discussion on this subject, click here.

Greetings! This offseason continues to get wilder and wilder. With the pending MEGA-TRADE of Robinson Canó and Edwin Díaz to the New York Mets soon to become official (maybe?), I figured it would be fun to reflect on other big trades in Mariners history.

Prompt: What is your favorite Mariners trade of all time?

The Guti & Vargas deal comes to mind. So does the Cliff Lee for peanuts deal, even though we all remember how that worked out. But still, PEAK CLIFF FUCKING LEE FOR POCKET LINT, THAT IS THE CORRECT ANSWER. Ahem. Uh, yeah, anyways, let’s hear about your favorite trade. It can be for purely sentimental reasons or because you think it was truly the best trade from a value perspective.

As always, we will front page the best submissions over the weekend. Hold on to your butts and let’s hope things work out with all these trades!