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AFL Fall Stars Game: Open Game Thread

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Come see Evan White, Wyatt Mills, David McKay, and, you can be honest, Vladdy Jr.


It’s been a week since baseball of the MLB variety graced our screens, but tonight we get a taste of the future. The Arizona Fall League holds it’s All-Star Game tonight, with three Mariners prospects on the roster. 1B Evan White gets the start at 1B for the West’s roster, while RHPs David McKay and Wyatt Mills figure to appear from the bullpen.

Last year Seattle was well represented by RHP Art Warren, who impressively shut the door in a high-scoring West victory. They’ll face MLB’s top pitching prospect, RHP Forrest Whitley, who will likely debut with Houston next year after missing half a season with a PED suspension.

The game begins now, at 5 PM PT, on MLB Network as well as streaming live on