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Mariners pick history’s chillest moment to release RHP Casey Lawrence to play in Japan

Sure, yes, okay, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE METS

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers
Fly east, young man, fly east.
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Note: The Mariners are currently under investigation by MLB regarding Dr. Lorena Martin’s charges of racism and sexism in the organization. For background on this situation, our site statement, the most up-to-date news, and to offer comments and discussion on this subject, click here.

A steady stream of Mariners have made their way from the fringes of MLB to Japan and Korea in recent years, and another member has just been added to their fold.

Look, Casey Lawrence was not particularly pleasant to watch, and often represented a white flag for the game he entered at the time. You might expect a but, but that’s by and large the situation. That’s not to say Lawrence didn’t do some interesting things. As Jake Mailhot pointed out, Lawrence made significant efforts this spring to make the most of his repertoire, and consistently featured near the league’s best in pitch tunneling involving his fastball and slider. Pitch tunneling, for those of you unaware, refers to the way in which pitches are delivered and released from approximately identical locations, and maintain similar trajectories on their path to the plate. Ideally, every pitch you throw looks, conceivably, like your other pitches, until the last moment, when it breaks one direction or another.

Sadly for Lawrence and the Mariners, the results did not manifest, except that one time he threw a Maddux in Tacoma.

Good luck, Casey. Now back to refreshing Mets Twitter.