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Mariners Moose Tracks, 11/17/18: Evan Marshall, Edgar Martinez, and the Huskies

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Former Mariner Evan Marshall and his wife recently had a son, Ryan. He has experienced several health issues since his birth, but this recent Instagram post from the Marshalls suggests that things are taking a positive turn. We are so glad to hear that Ryan has been properly diagnosed and are hopeful things will continue to trend in a positive direction.

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Oct 16th: Ryan was taken to the ER & diagnosed with seizures, again. He was placed on an EEG for a few days & had multiple blood tests done.*Fast forward a few wks- still having seizures everyday & our neurologist just upping Ryan’s medication every time I called to update* Oct 29th: Ryan is admitted for a 24hr EEG to make sure the first diagnosis of seizures is correct. Again medication is upped. Nov 6th: Ryan is going into 3 wks of having seizures & we had had enough. We headed to KC for a 2nd opinion. We leave with an appt to do an EEG so they can diagnose Ryan & hopefully reduce his oral meds Nov 7th: We are back home. Later that day Ryan has a cluster of 17 seizures in 3 minutes that prompts us to give his emergency dosage & head to the ER. We are admitted for the night. During that time I speak with KC & they had a bed waiting for Ryan at Mercy. Nov 8th: Arrive in KC late in the evening & immediately are filled with hope. Evan flew back home from Winter ball & within 72 hrs on an EEG our baby was properly diagnosed. We were being listened to, finally. Since Sunday evening, everything has been quiet & Nov 14th, after a wk in Children’s Mercy, we got to go home. What we learned: Ryan’s original ped. neurologist misdiagnosed him not once, but TWICE. I could go on & on but at the end of the day that does nothing but make us mad. The most important thing is that Ryan got to Children’s Mercy. We found out the seizures are Infantile Spasms & potentially be caused by the B12. Still A LOT of unknowns but the most important thing is Ryan is stable & thriving. Due to all of the above there was damage done to our sweet little boys brain & only time will tell how extensive that damage is. The thing we’re holding onto is that Ryan is developing & changing everyday. Evan & I were trained to give injections which Ryan gets 3x a day (as well as his oral meds 2x a day) with the hope of being able to wean him off the majority of the medications. We are amazed by this sweet, fearless, little flirt. We have a follow up in 2wks to see if the new medication has changed anything to his brain-Prayers for the medication to be working & for Ryan’s brain to be positively changing.

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