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FanPost Friday: The Mariners as characters from “The Good Place”

Get your head out of your mom’s butt and write a FanPost, ya fat dinks! YA BURNT.

NBC’s ‘The Good Place’ FYC Screening And Q&A Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Welcome! Everything is.....FRIDAY!

To borrow an age old Sullivan et al. idea of writing about the Mariners players as things, I’m going to parlay my obsession with the best show on television currently, “The Good Place,” into a FanPost Prompt. First of all, ff you’re not familiar, that’s okay! You can watch episodes for free on or watch the first 2 seasons on Netflix. Come back in a few weeks when you’re done if you feel so inspired to write a delightful FanPost. Secondly, read this great piece, “Bandwagoning the Good Place” by our blog boss to get those creative juices flowing. Lastly, here’s a handy character guide. Okay, ready?

Prompt: The Seattle Mariners as characters from “The Good Place”

Oh dip! The 2018 had A LOT of Jasons, huh. I’d say the team is like 50% Jason (lets be honest, most baseball players fall into that category) 25% Tahani, maybe 20% Eleanor, and 5% Chidi. Maybe that’s wrong, I don’t know. All I know is that Wade LeBlanc is a Chidi and Ryon Healy is the most Jason of all Jasons. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s best guess.

So, let’s hear your rundown of Mariners players as characters from “The Good Place.” Submit a FanPost, include some photos, and we’ll front page the best ones over the weekend. Instant front paging to anyone who writes theirs in the voice of Bad Janet. Have fun with this one, folks, and remember...take it sleazy!