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10/16/18: ALCS & NLCS Open Game Thread

Two playoff games for the price of none

MLB: NLCS-Milwaukee Brewers at Los Angeles Dodgers
“We’ve reached a consensus! PBR is just fine! Huzzah!”
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Much to the chagrin of Alex Bregman, the Astros are playing another playoff daygame (on the west coast anyways). To quote Bregman, “Does Floyd Mayweather fight the first fight of the night, or is he the main event? I mean, does Tiger Woods tee off at 8 a.m.? It’s about time the ‘show ‘Stros’ play on prime-time television, so we’re looking forward to the ALCS.”

Geez, win one World Series and it all just goes to your head, I guess.

Anyways, yes, the Boston Red Sox take on the Astros in Houston, going from one little league ball park to another (this one has a train set, though!) with the series tied up 1-1. May the less good team lose!

Also, hey look at this:


Today's Lineups

Mookie Betts - RF George Springer - CF
Andrew Benintendi - LF Jose Altuve - DH
J.D. Martinez - DH Alex Bregman - 3B
Xander Bogaerts - SS Yuli Gurriel - 1B
Steve Pearce - 1B Marwin Gonzalez - 2B
Eduardo Nunez - 3B Josh Reddick - RF
Ian Kinsler - 2B Carlos Correa - SS
Christian Vazquez - C Brian McCann - C
Jackie Bradley - CF Tony Kemp - LF

Game time: now


Radio:, etc

The nightcap game comes to you from Dodger Stadium, where the Brewers are up 2-1 in the series and looking to keep on rolling.

Lineups TBD

Game time: 6:09


Radio:, etc

Happy gamethreading!