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Mariners Moose Tracks, 1/29/18: Off-Season Confidence, Freddy Garcia, and a Lunar Eclipse

Atlanta Braves v St. Louis Cardinals

Hello, good morning, and a happy Monday to you. January is almost over, which is just splendid. Let’s get through this third-to-last day of the first-to-worst month with some medium-to-spicy links.

In Mariners news...

  • MLB Network ranked their top 10 catchers in the league, and Mike Zunino came in 7th.
  • The Modesto Nuts won the Modesto Small Business of the Year award, which is probably not insignificant.
  • Mariners prospect Ian Miller had a notable offseason accomplishment, and a former Mariners farmhand had an opinion on it...
  • Confidence is definitely a good sign, right? ...Right?

Around the league...

  • It’s not MLB-related, but Freddy Garcia is still dealin’ at age 41. Fun fact: he also struck out Jesus Montero this game.
  • Rangers pitcher Keone Kela has undergone seemingly successful stem cell therapy on his throwing shoulder. The long and short of stem cell therapy is that stem cells — which can turn into any kind of cell, be it a heart, brain, muscle, or bone cell — are transplanted from the bone marrow to another part of the body. The cells in that part of the body secrete little signals that differentiate the stem cells into whatever they need to be — in this case, shoulder muscle cells! It’s very cool, I swear.
  • Someone tell Bryce Harper that cupping doesn’t do anything except make you look stupid.
  • The A’s have some pretty sweet alternate uniforms coming this year.

Zach’s picks...

  • Someone ask Lookout Landing legal expert Tim Cantu about the validity of the “passionate kissing” defense.