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Mariners Moose Tracks, 9/11/17: Modesto Nuts, Washington Nationals, and Cleveland Indians

Always Compete

Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins
a voluminous coif or a coonskin hat? you be the judge.
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Well, that was a bummer of a sports day for Seattle yesterday. At least the Huskies and Cougars won? Just kidding. Baseball rules, football drools.

Mariners news

  • C’mon, Mariners. Make these starts relevant. I dare you:

Mariners minors news

  • Only team still active is the Modesto Nuts and game one of the Cal League Championship is on Tuesday:

What in the fuck is a JetHawk?

Around baseball

  • D’awww:
  • Why is this happening:

Eric’s pick!

This is about a month old, but the infamous How Did This Get Made? podcast crew tackled one of my very favorite good bad movies, “Hard Ticket to Hawaii.” The movie is a work of trash cinema art and the podcast is very good.