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Lookout Landing Podcast 25: Leake, Gonzales, & the Mariners-Cardinals trades, ft. Craig Edwards

They all look better in blue, it's true.

St Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers
Apparently he's a good hitter too
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

While the trade nearest and dearest to many hearts may be the Leonys Martin trade, conducted in the eleventh hour last night, the Mariners made another deal earlier this week that will impact their playoff odds this year and in the next few seasons more tangibly. The acquisition of Mike Leake was the second trade Seattle has made with the Cardinals to acquire a starting pitcher in the last two months. Kate looked at St. Louis early on as a good trade partner, but Jerry has gone back to the well.

To better understand who the M's have gotten in Leake (and Marco Gonzales), John and Kate tracked down an expert. Craig Edwards is the managing editor of Viva El Birdos, SB Nation's Cardinals community, as well as a contributor for Fangraphs. We revealed to him how broken we were by weeping for joy when he mentioned Leake usually was only good for 5-6 innings. We also quizzed him on how much Tyler O'Neill loves red, what it's like being a Cardinals fan living in Chicago, the experience is of seeing a franchise player you loved like Albert Pujols struggle so mightily for someone else, and more. If you want to find more from Craig, you can find him on Twitter at @craigjedwards.

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