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8/8/17: Open Game Thread

After an approximately 23-day break, Mariners baseball returns.

Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

In college dated a girl from Oakland. She was an A's fan out of obligation to civic pride more than compulsion by the product on the field, but many games at O.Co. were enjoyed nonetheless. The most prevalent of these experiences were on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when Oakland would often provide $2 ticket deals for the upper levels of the park. With a little high school ingenuity and security guards lacking a zeal for their work, she and her friends snuck in alcohol en masse and enjoyed an afternoon bacchanale at the ballpark.

This week, the Mariners will hopefully enjoy a similarly lax welcome party. In Kendall Graveman they will face an average enough pitcher that should provide some resistance. Thankfully, the second-newest member of the Mariners organization, Yonder Alonso, is here to provide his new team with all Graveman's darkest secrets. Armed with his pitch tendencies and the story of the time his jeans ripped in front of Ms. Burton's entire class in 7th grade, the M's have the chance to jump on an inferior opponent and advance their Wild Card hopes. As this is being written Tampa trails Boston 1-0 and Kansas City is scoreless against St. Louis. While the Yankees are a better team than Seattle and likely will not be surpassed, they are also losing 4-1 to Toronto, which is always nice.

I mentioned Alonso is the second-newest member of the organization, because a move was made this afternoon, likely in light of the upcoming three-week absence of David Phelps.

Frieri has struggled the last couple years after a decent three-year stretch as a reliever. The 32-year-old brings a fastball at 93-96, a slider, and a change-up, but has had shaky control of late. As always, the concern with a trade for a reliever is the cost. Give us the damage, Jerry.

Ah. Wellllll, yeah. Gonna have to say I'm okay with the 'ol Tony Zych bargain.

On to the lineups!

Gametime: 7:10 PM PT


Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle


Playoff implications: Worst case: L+KC&TB W = 2.0 GB. Best Case: W+KC&TB L = Tied for 2nd WC.

Go M's.