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8/6 Open Game Thread: Son of Open Game Thread

Let’s do it again! Not because we want to. Because we have to.

Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals
how many more games do we have to play today, Scott?
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The good news: The Mariners eked out an 8-7 win against the Royals and guaranteed themselves a series split.

The bad news: it took an entire stable of pitchers to get them there, and might have taken David Phelps away for some significant time. Why can’t we have nice things.

Janky lineup because they released it about five minutes before game time:

Dyson CF
Segura SS
Cano 2B
Cruz DH
Seager 3B
Ruiz C
Martin RF
Heredia LF
Espinosa 1B

Ramirez P

Backing up Ramirez, who will probably only be able to throw about 80 pitches, will be Casey Lawrence and Bravest Little Toaster Cody Martin. Pazos threw one inning and will probably be down for this one, as did Vincent and Diaz. Pagan and Zep both threw just a third of an inning so should be available. Meanwhile, the Royals only used two pitchers from their pen for more than an inning, Alexander and Maurer, with Moylan throwing two-thirds of an inning. They are probably in better shape than Seattle, pitching-wise, for this contest, so the Mariners need to get some runs on the board early. Please to make some hay, Mariners.

Game time: now

Channel: ROOTNW, 710 ESPN,