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Felix Hernandez to 10-day DL, Marco Gonzales to pitch in his stead

The heck?

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Good morning, your Saturday just got a bit crappier. Sorry :(

This is a obviously a bummer for a team already short on solid starting pitching. And just a bummer in general for Felix Hernandez as it’s his second DL stint this season. This just broke on Twitter 20 minutes ago, so hopefully we’ll get more details later. While Félix hasn’t been fantastic, competency is all the Mariners really need from their starters right now and Hernandez is capable of that at the very least.

On the other hand, go get ‘em Marco! Congrats on being thrust into a must-win situation against a good hitting team. No pressure. Marco Gonzales has looked good through five innings in each of his starts in Tacoma, and been steady in AAA overall this year in Memphis prior to the trade as well. His struggles have come as he gets deeper into the game, which is not uncommon for control pitchers. A positive way of looking at that is that the Mariners bullpen is the strongest it has been all year. One of many negative ways to see it is that that bullpen will likely be taxed further as they attempt to account for both Gonzales and Erasmo Ramirez being in the rotation.

Also, yes, please, do that.

Ugh :’(