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Lookout Landing Podcast - Episode 21: The Mariners, the Royals, the Rays, and the Wild Card

Debating if this is a “playoff team” and what that even means in 2017’s bizarro American League.

Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals
Lorenzo Cain vs. Robinson Canó is a very bad bet for the Mariners if the playoff chase is a literal chase.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

John and Kate return after technical difficulties kept our episode featuring Grant Bronsdon from seeing the light of day. As they both bake in Seattle’s smoggy heat wave, they assess how the M’s stack up against their likely contenders in the suddenly real Wild Card race. The Tampa Bay Rays are essentially the 2014 Mariners, in style and in literal roster construction, we conclude, while the Kansas City Royals are probably hiding Kendrys Morales somewhere in Kauffman Stadium. They debate a potential Jarrod Dyson extension, the mixed bag that was the Rangers series, and some of the strange comforts and frustrations of this bizarre season as it enters the final third. Afterwards, to beat the heat, we play a quick game checking in on some of the biggest free agent signings that the Mariners didn’t make.

Music: "Smooth" - Santana; "Fire" - Big Sean; "Louvre" - Lorde

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