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Mariners Moose Tracks, 8/30/17: Danny Duffy, Chris Sale, and Giancarlo Stanton

We’re at that halfway point!

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone! Despite the Mariners’ recent struggles, I hope you’re having yourself a good week so far. I just got back to school and my internship starts today. Whatever you may be doing on this fine Wednesday, hopefully these links will make your day just a little bit better.

In Mariners news...

Around the league...

  • Nobody can stop Giancarlo Stanton.
  • The Rangers were not quite as accommodating as the Rays, reportedly. Texas turned down an offer to swap home series’ with the Astros. Delino DeShields spoke up in defense of the Rangers’ decision.
  • Pinstripe Alley has accepted the fact that Aaron Judge won’t be crowned this year’s American League MVP.
  • Reliever Joe Nathan has retired.

Anders’ picks...

  • The University of Washington has hired Bob Rondo’s replacement behind the mic. Rondo is retiring at the end of the football season.