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Mariners Moose Tracks, 8/25: Dust-up in Detroit, Players Weekend, and Dae-Ho Lee

Big whoop, it’s Friday, wanna fight about it?

New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Oh my stars and garters, it is Friday. You made it. I finally saw “Baby Driver” last night. It was delightful. Onto the links!

In Mariners news...

In Mariners minors news...

  • Rainiers got smashed:

Mike Marjama provided the team’s lone offense with a solo HR, his 3rd since joining the Rainiers. He now has 13 the number of homers as a Rainier as he had this year with Durham (9) in 17% of the plate appearances.

Also the blowout brought us the joy of Dean Kiekhefer, center fielder (?), and Zach Shank, pitcher, who worked a scoreless inning and even broke out this sick sidearm motion to get a swinging K:

  • Travelers won!

Ryan Casteel had two home runs, both oppo shots, and the second one went very far, and left the park in such a hurry the poor Travs video person couldn’t find it:

  • Nuts lose in extras:
  • Lumberkings won!
  • AquaSox lost:

Around baseball....

  • Some wild ass shit right here:
  • Things got even dumber from there:

So yeah, the benches cleared a total of THREE times. Here’s the full rundown. Good times. Maybe the Mariners will be able to take advantage of some sore players/egos/possible suspensions in their series against the Yankees this weekend.

  • The research continues on the home run surge/juiced balls theory. There’s, uh, a lot of math here that I won’t pretend to understand, but check it out:

Eric’s pick!

  • If you’re not following Sung Min Kim on Twitter, you are missing out on occasional rays of pure, unadulterated sunshine like this:

Did you know Hector Noesi pitches in KBO now? You do now. And that’s our boy, THE Big Boy, punishing his sorry ass. I’m unable to figure out what the count was per Google, but let’s just assume it was 0-2. Oh no, Google wormhole, shit, nooooo, I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying (miss you, Dae-Ho).