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Lookout Landing Day at Safeco

Join us for drinks! Chats! Jerry Dipoto sighting!

New York Mets v Seattle Mariners
pictured: a bunch of us
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

We’re thrilled to announce Saturday, September 2, will be Lookout Landing Night at Safeco. $32 will get you a view-level ticket, a drink, a t-shirt, and attendance at a pre-game panel located up at Lookout Landing, which will be staffed by:

  • Me. Por supuesto.
  • John Trupin, Friendly Neighborhood Bear
  • Isabelle Minasian, LL’s HR Rep/Chief Proponent of the All-Cuban OF
  • Nathan Bishop, Former LL Managing Editor
  • José Rivera, Former LL Graphics Wizard/Current MLB In-Game Social Media Coordinator
  • Colin O’Keefe, Former LL Editor/Current Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Jerry Dipoto. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

Yes, Jerry will be stopping by to take questions from us/you, and has reportedly said this is “the most important thing” on his agenda for the day, so it should be some pretty meaningful face time with the Mariners’ GM. We will talk baseball, blogging, baseball blogging, and whatever else, and would love to see you there! Tickets can be purchased by clicking this link.

As you know, Lookout Landing has a long, rich tradition of covering the Mariners through a variety of lenses: analytic criticism, thoughtful introspection, supreme silliness. Leading up to this event, we will be celebrating some of our favorite pieces ever published on LL—sort of personal LL playlists. The writers will be taking turns curating some of their favorite pieces; we’d love for you to weigh in, as well, so please do so in the comments.

We’re so excited for this event and hope to see you on the 2nd! If you can’t make it cancel your plans the mountains will still be there in a week feel free to leave some questions you’d like us to ask in the comments.