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LL Night at the Rainiers, 8/31

Thirstday! Record night! Baseball!

I didn’t even mention the best mascot in baseball, Rhubarb!

Come join us on Thursday, August 31, at Cheney Stadium to watch the final Rainiers home game of the season. We’re planning to hang out on the party deck at the R Bar, which boasts a great view of the field, Mt. Rainier, a firepit, and a covered bar stocked with options. It’s also Thirstday, which means $2 Coors, and other food and drink specials (I’m not sure yet what it will be, but last week it was $5 taco plates). We’re not doing any specific ticketing for this, at least not this year—it’s more of a casual group meet-up, so you can simply buy a GA ticket at the park.

If you were interested in a ticket special, however, the Rainiers are running a pretty cool deal that night:

That shirt tho. In-Stadium Good Times Coordinator (I’m pretty sure that’s his title) Casey Catherwood is a former music writer for The Stranger and has a record collection that rivals some libraries. If you’ve ever been to Cheney, you’ll notice that the music selection is as eclectic as Casey himself; it’s like if KEXP was given control of a minor-league ballpark’s PA system. There’s even a postgame screening of Scorcese’s The Last Waltz if you want to go ahead and meet the other people who exist at the center of this particular Venn Diagram. The tunes will be great, the beer will be cheap, and the atmosphere will be super-relaxed, so we hope you’ll come and join us! Please let us know in the comments whether or not you can make it so I can give the folks at Tacoma a rough idea of how many of us will be thronging onto the party deck.

The game is at 7:05. Parking in the stadium lot will run you $10, so carpooling is encouraged (Seattle pals traveling down - yes, you can take the Sounder train, but from there would have to rideshare to the stadium. For a group, though, it might be cheap and less rage-inducing than trying to drive down I-5). For anyone who is local to the area/able to get there early, some of us are meeting beforehand at Narrows Brewing, which is about a five to ten-minute drive from Cheney. It’s at Narrows Marina and boasts great beer with big windows that open up to the marina, with views of the Narrows Bridge and a nice outdoor space where you can lean on the railing and get a big noseful of salt air. It’s not the world’s largest space so if you’re planning to attend, please note that as well in your RSVP.

So, to recap: good beer, bad beer, baseball, awesome records, tacos, Scorcese, a cool Northwest summer evening? Yes please. We hope to see you there!