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Mariners recall Thyago Vieira, option Christian Bergman to AAA

I, for one, welcome our new fastball relief overlord.

Many of us likely have the Monday doldrums, especially after a tough weekend series against the “Los Angeles” Angels. Fortunately, however, there’s good news on the horizon, and it’s wearing a Brazilian cape:

In the short-term, it’s hard not to be excited about this move. Vieira was only added to the 40-man roster this offseason after taking huge strides in 2016. From an article I wrote in February:

In all seriousness, Vieira is possibly the most intriguing prospect in the M’s system. He’s not the best prospect, and he’s not the most likely to make an impact this year. But after reading all about his improvement in Kate’s 40 in 40 and this excellent Ryan Divish profile, it’s hard not to be excited. His strikeout rate jumped, his walk rate plummeted, and his fastball...well, it didn’t change, but when it’s over 100 MPH to begin with it doesn’t need to change.

You’ll notice that I said he’s “not the most likely” to make an impact this year. And though he’s been solid in 36 combined appearances between AA and AAA this year, with a 3.59 ERA and 45 K in 47.2 innings, he’s not entirely major-league ready. His control remains shaky, walking 4.0 batters/9 innings this season, and the jump from AAA to MLB is certainly significant.

Kate’s deep dive into his motion and mechanics is a must-read:

Vieira’s powerful lower half helps him drive the ball to the plate with authority, while his six-foot-two, 210-plus physique intimidates from the top of the mound.

Again, let’s celebrate this in the short-term! It might not be ideal down the road, since accelerating prospects to the bigs before they’re ready can be damaging, but a month-and-a-half here should be a welcome preview and maybe the jolt that this beleaguered bullpen needs.

Christian Bergman, he of the 4.0 scoreless frames yesterday, goes down to Tacoma. We’ll likely see Andrew Albers called up tomorrow to start, and we’ll see who goes down as a result (maybe even Vieira, though my guess is he’ll likely stay up).

So, yay, Mariners fans! Thyago is up and tonight’s game could have even more 100+ MPH readings. And we’ll definitely have more smiles!

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Gotta love that smile!
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