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Lookout Landing Podcast - Episode 22: An All Questions Episode - Can We Fix the Mariners' Rotation?

An all listener question episode on everything the Mariners need to do down the stretch, with Edgar, and with their jerseys.

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
The ball can stay in the stadium too, Ariel
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Mariners have clawed their way, inexplicably, to possession of a Wild Card spot, at least for the moment. John and Kate express their tempered optimism, their fears about the rotation, and appreciation for Ben Gamel and the entire offense. Since we had a flood of great questions we decided to make this an all listener questions episode. We take questions on potential ways to bolster the rotation, the fear of Lollablueza 2.0 this weekend, additional historical versions of the King's Court/Maple Grove, which Player's Weekend jerseys need fixing, and much more. We also discuss how meaningful Edgar's retirement ceremony will be to us, personally, and Kate shares a wonderful story she was told about Shawn O'Malley's generosity. We recorded before last night's loss, so while we do tangentially discuss Servais and his bullpen usage, we do not have any blistering takes on that.

Music: Fire - Big Sean, Crash Bandicoot Rap - JT Machinima

Please submit any of your future questions for the podcast to @LookoutLanding or leave them in the comments below.

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