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MLB Trade Deadline Open Thread

Come yell about trades!

Texas Rangers v Washington Nationals
there are ten pictures of Ron Washington hugging Yu Darvish in the photo editor and each one is exactly like this
Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The trade deadline is just a few short hours away, and we’re starting to see some teams really get into gear. While sources indicate the Mariners will be quiet at the trade deadline—something backed up by Jerry himself—there’s still plenty of other moves that will affect teams in the Wild Card race, as well as upcoming opponents. So here’s the place to post all the trade rumors, latest info, etc., so we don’t overrun the links post from today. We’ll try to keep it updated with the most updated information we have, including some of the biggest storylines still remaining:

  • Will Yu Darvish make his scheduled start against the Mariners this week, or will he have a new home by the end of today?
  • Who wins the Sonny Gray sweepstakes, and at what price?
  • The reliever market isn’t quite as scorching as the starter market, but what will Brad Hand and Zach Britton cost?

There’s also a metric ton of stuff to catch up on from yesterday, like the fact that Jonathan Lucroy was given to the Rockies for essentially free, and new clubs joining the ranks of the sellers by the moment, as we see with a pending Blue Jays/Astros Liriano deal. So post your rumors, your reactions, your poorly-capitalized Heyman tweets, whatever. Happy trade deadline day! I am so FREAKING GLAD it’s over and I don’t have to wake up every morning in a blind panic that Jerry has made ten moves to blurb.