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My Ohhh My!

M’s fans from coast to coast hit the hay happy after 13th-inning walk-off

Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

It began with a boom.

And ended with a bloop.

And a bath.

With a couple of two-out beauties tucked between:

The game lasted exactly 5 hours. It went 13 innings. And it was absolutely bonkers.

After Félix squandered an otherwise solid start with a shaky 6th inning in which he all but completely lost the feel for his changeup, seven members of the bullpen swooped in to combine for 7.1 innings of one-run ball—punctuated by massive outs from Marc Rzepczynski in the 8th and James Pazos in the 11th:

At the dish, Mike Zunino did his part, getting things level in the 7th inning with this impressive little ditty:

Meanwhile Guillermo Heredia contributed 3 hits (including that 3-run shot to open things up in the 2nd) and went on to score the game-winning run. Jean Segura came to the plate 7 times (even chipping in 2 whole walks!)—but not a single one of his plate appearances was more important than the last.

In a game that felt like an absolute must-win, the Mariners won. It was magnificent, even magical, and incredibly, stiflingly, painfully stressful—but by the end of the night (er, morning), it was worth it.

To borrow a favorite phrase of Boston sports fans, “SCOREBOARD”

Tomorrow afternoon the M’s face Chris Sale, and, against all odds, will go for the series sweep. But tonight they celebrate. They’ve earned it.

My oh my. Go freakin’ M’s.