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Aaron Judge and CC Sabathia pile drive the Mariners

No fence like O fence

MLB: New York Yankees at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

There have been more compelling Friday night games.

The Mariners lost 5-1 after a second straight game of failing to execute with runners in scoring position. It may not feel like the Mariners have one of the best offenses in baseball this year with runners in scoring position, but they have, which made tonight all the more frustrating. Last night was a story of wasted opportunities, and tonight the M’s asked for another round of the same miserable tale.

Robinson Canó and Nelson Cruz each reached base in the 1st, with CC Sabathia looking every bit his age on his 37th birthday. Kyle Seager caught a break as Chase Headley forgot the neighborhood play does not apply to 1st base, and the M’s took a 1-0 lead. Mitch Haniger singled sharply to right for his first of two hits w/RISP that did not result in a run scored, but the bases were loaded with two outs.

And that was it. In the 2nd, Ben Gamel doubled, then ran himself off the bases trying to advance on a grounder to the SS. The next Mariners hit didn’t come until the 8th inning. Aaron Judge hit a titanic 3-run homer that ended up being a dagger, but even without it the Mariners scrounged together just one run for the second straight night. The Mariners probably won’t win many games giving up five runs. They’ll win far fewer scoring just one, and that has to change.