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Sporcle Friday: Quiz Title Too Long to Include

Another fun quiz to start your Friday.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

There are 162 games in a MLB season. A team is bound to suffer some tough losses in that stretch. Last night is an example of such a loss. Felix Hernandez pitched brilliantly, allowing just one run while striking out nine batters in seven innings of work. Most nights that earns a win. Last night, unfortunately, it did not. Lets take a look at other pitchers that have posted similar lines in losses.

*NOTE: This quiz represents all Mariner pitchers that have thrown seven innings or more, allowed one or fewer runs, and struck nine or more batters out in losses. This does not necessarily mean they were credited with a loss. Many of these outings ended in no decisions. As long as their lines met the requirements explained above and the Mariners lost, it counts in this quiz.

Link to the quiz.