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Lookout Landing Podcast - Episode 20: The Phelps trade and the state of the team

Jamey Vinnick of joins Kate to talk about the Phelps trade and make fun of a proposed Paxton trade

MLB: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

John bails on Kate this week because he is "moving," so Jamey Vinnick of joins the show to talk about the Mariners' latest trade. They talk about the power of seeing Tyler O'Neill in the flesh, break down Andrew Moore's recent tough start, and talk about the new (old) Felix Hernandez.

Jamey, who has spent time in Everett and Tacoma watching Brayan Hernandez and Brandon Miller, gives his evaluation on what the Mariners gave away, and Kate discusses who she thinks might amount to the most valuable piece in the trade. They analyze what David Phelps brings and discuss his strengths and weaknesses, and speculate about whether or not he could potentially help the Mariners rotation in 2018.

They also watch the Mariners make Felix feel like his old self by giving him no run support over seven strong innings. That part is less fun. You can skip it.

Finally, they take some Twitter questions and Kate makes concerned Kermit sounds about a question regarding the tradability of the Triple-A relievers. Finally, your podcasters are simultaneously struck by a craving for Capri Sun and Fun Size Snickers (Kate) and pepperoni pizza (Jamey).

Music: "I Just Can't Get Enough" - Depeche Mode; "Only God Can Judge Me" - Tupac Shakur; "Louvre" - Lorde

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