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Lookout Landing Podcast - Episode 19: Going Nuts ft. Jen Mac Ramos

The All-Star Break is eternal so we check in on the farm (and wander the woods to get there).

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Midway Classic Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

John and Kate are joined by Jen Mac Ramos to discuss their experiences following the Mariners most successful minor league team this year - the High-A Modesto Nuts. Jen is fairly new to Lookout Landing but far from new to baseball or baseball writing. They can be found writing for Beyond the Box Score (sabermetrics), McCovey Chronicles (Giants), Purple Row (Rockies), MLB Daily Dish (everyone else) as well as working as a stats intern at Baseball Prospectus and contributing to The Hardball Times.

They also filmed a group of minor league baseball players chasing chickens for us this year.

Together we discuss the experience of learning to love minor league baseball, finding a connection to a team when it can change entire organizations in a single year, and the impression this year's dominant Modesto team has had on all of us. In an organization slim on high-end talent, we discuss at a few players who have made adjustments this year to improve their value, including OF Braden Bishop, OF Eric Filia, OF Luis Liberato, SP Nick Neidert (newly minted as a Top-100 prospect by Baseball America), and OF 3B C Joe DeCarlo. We also discuss the delight of home run derbies, be they in Miami, Tacoma, or, as Jen was witness to, on an aircraft carrier.

Afterwards, we take your Twitter questions, including Tyler O'Neill future possibilities, Yankee Candle education, and VERY MIXED REVIEWS of Rich Aurilia. While you wait for the podcast to download, enjoy the very real jingle of the Modesto Nuts.

Music: Let's Go Crazy - Prince, You're a Wolf - Sea Wolf, Modesto, the Home I Know - Mick V. Rubalcava

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