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Motown Philly Beat the M’s

On a little losing streaaaak.

Philadelphia Phillies v Seattle Mariners
Out and the crowd eRUPPted
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Up and down, hot and cold, two steps forward, two steps back, etc. The 2017 Mariners go back and forth on whether or not they are a fun team or a frustrating team at a moment’s notice. This is a pattern that they have seemingly mastered over at least the past three years, and at this point, it shows no real signs of stopping.

This is not going to be one of those, “baseball is just like life” recaps where I try to relate the Mariners losing to how unfair life is to all of us. Or why bad things happen to good people. You can still be a functioning human being AND a Mariners fan. Could be cool.

I’m going to bed.

  • James Paxton got the start and it was easily his best start recent start. He looked like he was getting squeezed a little by the home plate umpire Mike Everitt, but he seemed like he was hitting his spots. He gave up the lead by serving up a dinger to Maikel Franco on a change up only a mother could love.
  • The Mariners lone runs came on a 2-run HR by Jean Segura. He took a pitch the other way and it cleared the wall.
  • On a weird play in the 5th where Cameron Rupp tried to score on a tagged him Freddy Galvis single. Mike Zunino got a nice throw from Haniger, but it looks like he may had missed tagging Rupp with his glove. Pete Mackanin, who presumably feared on losing a challenge on Air Bud rules, did not challenge the play and Rupp was ruled out.
  • Edwin Diaz came into the game while down by two runs because he hasn’t pitched in a game in the last five games. It’s fine to get some work in, but he definitely got rocked a little. The 4 runs gave up weren’t earned because of a throwing error. The kicker of course was that the throwing error belonged to HIM.

Tomorrow Felix Hernandez takes the mound to salvage a series split against former Mariner’s Mark Leiter’s son, Mark Leiter, Jr. This game will be in the afternoon, so I am dying to know how you will be spending your Wednesday evening.