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The 2017 annual SoftbaLL game

What better way to spend your Saturday than throwing the ball around with a bunch of internet friends?

Please note that this is false advertising. We will be playing in the afternoon, not the evening.

Who: You, as well as any other friends/family you wish to drag along. Willie Bloomquist, if you’re reading this, you’re more than welcome to join as well.

What: The 2017 annual SoftbaLL game, clearly. Come on guys, this isn’t the three paragraphs of the game thread post that you can just scroll through to get to the lineups.

When: This Saturday, July 1st at 1 PM. The late notice for this is absolutely on me, and I’m terribly sorry.

Where: Lower Woodland Park Field #3

5401 Green Lake Way N, Lower Woodland Softball Fields 3 - 6

Seattle, WA 98103

Why: Because there have been a lot of changes with the site in the last year or so, but one tradition that we really wanted to maintain was the annual softball/baseball game. LL is an amazing community, both on and offline, and this is a great opportunity to all hang out together in an all-ages area, and make utter fools of ourselves while engaging in “athletic” activities.

Other details: If you have extra gloves, bats, or other miscellaneous softball paraphernalia, please bring them along. Lack of athletic talent does not prevent you from participating and is, in fact, encouraged. Snacks, water, and other beverages are welcome and even if you just want to sit on the sidelines and leisurely sip a Capri Sun, we’d love to see you there. If you’re able to bring a few bucks to cover the field reservation that’d be excellent, because otherwise I’ll be embracing No Water/Internet/Electricity July.

And yes, there will be an MVP trophy/prize.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!