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Checking In On The 2017 Draftees

The Top 10 picks all signed

Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins
Second round pick, Sam Carlson.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The MLB Draft has come and gone, and most of the draftees that will sign already have. If you’re wondering how the Mariners have fared with their picks, here is a quick roundup.

As a refresher, slot value is the value assigned to each position in the top 10 rounds of the draft; the total of a team’s slot values is the bonus pool that each team has to work with. The total signing bonuses given to each player may not exceed the bonus pool without having a substantial luxury tax imposed.

The Mariner’s total bonus pool was $6,737,300. After getting those top 10 picks signed, they doled out bonuses totally $6,697,800.

Round 1: 1B Evan White

Slot Value: $3,333,200

Bonus: $3,125,000

Look for him in Everett this summer.

Round 2: RHP Sam Carlson

Slot Value: $1,206,900

Bonus: $2,000,000

This was a real get for the Mariners. Carlson passed up a scholarship to Florida to sign.

Round 3: RHP Wyatt Mills

Slot Value: $579,800

Bonus: $125,000

A surprise pick out of Gonzaga University, Mills saved the Mariners quite a bit in bonus pool money.

Round 4: RHP Seth Elledge

Slot Value: $428,900

Bonus: $400,000

Round 5: C David Banuelos

Slot Value: $320,300

Bonus: $300,000

Round 6: LHP Oliver Jaskie

Slot Value: $245,600

Bonus: $245,600

Round 7: LHP Max Roberts

Slot Value: $192,200

Bonus: $192,200

Round 8: CF Billy Cooke

Slot Value: $156,500

Bonus: $150,000

Round 9: LHP Jorge Benitez

Slot Value: $140,900

Bonus: $150,000

Round 10: RHP Randy Bell

Slot Value: $133,000

Bonus: $10,000

Rounds 11-40

We don’t have to worry about bonus pools anymore, unless a player happens to sign for more than $125,000. Considering the 10th Round pick signed for $10,000 we probably don’t need to worry about that.

Round 11: LHP JP Sears – Signed 6/18

Round 12: RHP Darren McCaughan – Signed 6/18

Round 10: SS Kevin Santa – Signed 6/18

Round 20: C Troy Dixon – Signed 6/18

Round 21: SS Connor Hoover – Signed 6/18

Round 22: SS Johnny Adams – Signed 6/18

Round 23: RHP Sam Deplane – Signed 6/18

Round 24: SS Louis Boyd – Signed 6/18

Round 25: RHP Bryan Pall – Signed 6/18

Round 26: RHP Austin Hutchison – Signed 6/18

Round 27: RHP Collin Kober – Signed 6/18

Round 28: CF Johnny Slater – Signed 6/18

Round 29: RHP David Gerber – Signed 6/18

Round 30: RHP Scott Boches – Signed 6/18

Round 31: 3B Ryan Costello – Signed 6/18

Round 32: 1B Ryan Garcia – Signed 6/18

Round 34: LHP David Hesslink – Signed 6/18

Draftees Still Unsigned

The Mariners said they have signed 30 of the 40 picks and still had contracts out to 3 more, so it’s possible that 6 of these players could end up signing in the next couple weeks.

Round 13: RHP Luis Alvarado

Round 14: C Trevor Casanova

Round 15: RHP Tommy Romero

Round 16: LHP Orlando Razo

Round 17: RHP Jamal Wade

Round 18: CF Myles Christian

Round 33: LHP Chris Castellanos

Round 35: RHP Hunter Lonigro

Round 36: CF Heston Kjerstad

Round 37: CF Jesse Franklin

Round 38: LHP Kolby Somers

Round 39: SS Jack Smith

Round 40: 3B Zach Needham