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Lookout Landing Podcast - Episode 15: Ian Miller

The Mariners’ speedy minor leaguer joins us to talk life in the almost-bigs

it looks like he’s standing still but really he’s stealing second right here

Mariners' lightning-fast outfield prospect Ian Miller joins Kate and co-host Eric Sanford to talk about the joys and trials of life in the minor leagues. Miller offers a dugout-level view on spring training and what he thinks makes big leaguers stand apart, a discussion of the swing changes that have led to him seeing a tremendous jump in his numbers this year, and explains the shift in organizational philosophies post-Dipoto-regime from a player's point of view. Other topics covered: imaginary girlfriends, the irresistible allure of Chick-Fil-A breakfasts, and "which guy are you in the fight?"

Afterwards, we take Twitter questions and Eric’s baby presages the Mariners’ later disastrous, injury-wracked game against the Rockies by fussing a lot. BABIES ALWAYS KNOW.

Music: "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin, "Space Oddity" by David Bowie (both Ian's choices); "Run On" by Moby

Thanks again to Ian for joining us, and to you for listening!

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Go M’s.