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Max Povse promoted to the Mariners, Rob Whalen returns to Tacoma, Dillon Overton DFA’d

The Tall Wall gets The Call.

A few weeks ago RHP Max Povse went on the DL with a hamstring injury. It was revealed that Povse, one of the higher ceiling starters in the farm system, was being converted into a long relief role a la Astros not-so-secret weapon Chris Devinski. Whether this shift was temporary or permanent hasn’t been determined, but a reliever of any type can make it in the MLB more easily than a starter, and here Povse is.

Povse has performed excellently at AA-Arkansas with a 3.33 FIP, but has not shown as dramatic a capacity to strike out hitters as his frame might suggest. The latest conductor on the long reliever train, the “Tall Wall” looks a bit like Doug Fister. Povse is 6’8, without overpowering dtuff, but a fastball in the low to mid-90s and a respectable curveball, slider, and changeup. Not many walks, lots of strikes, that has been the story. In a relief role, there’s obviously the hope that his stuff will play up and result in more swings and misses.

The 23 year-old trades spots with Rob Whalen, who was acquired in the same deal this offseason from Atlanta for former top pick Alex Jackson. Whalen pitched well in relief yesterday but will likely continue to start in AAA. To make space on the 40-man, LHP and Oklahoman Flow Bro Dillon Overton was designated for assignment. If he clears waivers he’ll remain in Tacoma where he has struggled mightily, bitten by the home run bug that has ailed him ever since his first MLB stint late last year.