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Lookout Landing Podcast - Episode 16: Discussing & Digressing the Mariners 2017 Draft

The Mariners took a step towards restocking their farm system this week. We focus on the guy named Santa.

Sam Carlson has been properly dressed and is ready to start Sunday.

Kate and John are reunited and bring on LL's minor league expert Ethan Novak to recap and discuss the signs of life shown by the Mariners in the last couple weeks (0:00) that brought some folks back from the brink of declaring the season over. After discussing Mike Zunino, DEFINITELY FIXED HITTER, the absolute absurdity of the AL standings, and the Jean Segura extension, they turn to the main focus of this week: the 2017 MLB Draft (13:10). Evan White is interesting but Ethan wanted several someone elses. Sam Carlson wasn't even supposed to be here. 5th round pick David Banuelos gets compared to everyone's favorite new Rays catcher. 8th round pick Billy Cooke zips his way up Kate's personal prospect rankings. What is up with honor picks? Are any of these guys even good? Why did so many people get picked from places with Olive in their name? Should you even care about rounds after the top-10? WHO IS KEVIN SANTA? After the break (1:01:50) Twitter questions are fielded on potential Hall of Fame players on the Mariners, types of bears, the rest of the division's drafts, and more.

Intermittently, breaks are taken to remark on the M's 6-4 win over the Twins that was happening during the recording, since we have the attention span of toddlers. Alas.

I don’t care if it’s probably pronounced Sahnta, that’s a jolly man in red if I’ve ever seen one.
Tampa Bay Times

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Go M’s.