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Sam Carlson, Minnesotan Baseball Pitcher

A Q+A with Minnesota Baseball Scout, Ogie Holmquist

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While areas like California and Florida receive plenty of attention in amateur baseball circuits due to their year-round sunshine and established pools of talent, it can be harder to find experts familiar with colder-weather prospects in the seasonally volatile Midwest and North. Luckily for us, Lookout Landing was able to secure an excLLusive interview with legendary Minnesota baseball scout, Ogie Holmquist. He was willing to chat with our Eric Sanford and share his thoughts on Mariners 2nd round pick, RHP Sam Carlson.

Eric Sanford: Ogie, thanks for your time today. How are you?

Ogie Holmquist: Oh hey dere, not too bad over here. How ‘bout you?

ES: Doing well! So, as the preeminent Minnesota baseball scout, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of Sam Carlson in action. Tell us all about him, if you will.

OH: So you wanna know my thoughts on my guy Sam Carlson, do ya? All right, lemme give you the primo Minnesotan scouting report on big Sammy here. He’s a big boy, clocking in at 6’4” and 215 pounds. Good baseball face and can definitely eat well. I once saw him take down 4 Pronto Pups, a jumbo basket of fried cheese curds, and a quart of whole milk in one sitting. Impressive.

ES: Wow, that’s, uh, a lot.

OH: Oh yah, and his hot dish preference is definitely strongly in favor of tater tots with extra Lutheran binder.

ES: Lutheran what?

OH: Heh, that’s Minnesota speak for cream of mushroom soup. Always keep a dozen cans or so in the pantry. Ya never know. Oh yah, and Sammy’s hobbies include baseball, cycling, pond hockey, hanging out at the Mall of America, and stamp collecting.

ES: How about you tell us about his pitching abilities?

OH: Oh, gosh, he’s really something. His fastball regularly hits 96 m.p.h., which is some real gas for high school pitchers around here, doncha know. And I’m very confident he can add at least 2 more plus pitches. I tried to teach him the ol’ Walleye’d Slider once, but he felt it was a bit too old fashioned for his repertoire. Ah, youth.

ES: What is a….you know what, nevermind. Any concerns about his fielding?

OH: Oh, heck no. He’s got them big, solid hands for fielding grounders and has no problems covering first. Defensively sound, fer sure.

ES: Any weaknesses the Mariners should be aware of?

OH: You know, honestly, the only thing about Sammy that makes me go, “Well, that’s different,” is that his friends once told me he’s not a big fan of ice fishing. Every pitcher has his quirks, I guess.

ES: Huh. Well, anything we missed that you’d like to add?

OH: Lemme tell ya, not since the days of Cretin-Durham Hall legend Joe Mauer has a Minnesota HS ballplayer turned this many heads. Burnsville turned out to be the perfect breeding ground for your classic no-nonsense, humble, Midwestern ballplayer like my guy Sammy here. He’s a can’t-miss, no doubt about it. Mariners done good here.

ES: Thank you again for your time, Ogie. Take care!

OH: Oh, I will fer sure. Always happy to talk Minnesota baseball. Bye now.