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2017 MLB Draft Rounds 11-40: Open Thread

Day three is the place to be

Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins
the heck did i get myself into here
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It’s day three of the 2017 MLB draft! Time for all your crafty sleeper picks! Right? That’s applicable in baseball drafts, right? Time to discover the next uh, Mike Piazza, or something. Yeah.

As Kate said yesterday, you can find all of that analysis (previous draft analyses, quick hitter scouting overviews of positional groups in this draft, a few deep dives on some exciting choices the M’s may have a shot at, and more) right here, as well as our overall outline of how to watch and follow along here.

Draft Time: 9AM PDT

Online: MLB.Com

Twitter: @MLBDraftTracker

Note: We will be updating the thread as picks come in here as well, so feel free to refresh every few minutes . Also, embedded below is the @MLBDraftTracker account, which should automatically update the picks. Enjoy!