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Mariners Moose Tracks, 5/9/17: Andrew Moore, Giants, and Ryan Howard

Some links to get you over your Tuesday blues.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Minnesota Twins
That ball, it goes over Yonder
Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your off-day from Mariners baseball. I spent mine attending a Mets game, which was pretty fun. If you think M’s games are sparsely attended on early May weeknights, you don’t know the half of it.

Today the M’s will look to continue their recent stretch of good play against the Phillies. Here are some links to get you prepared for the game.

In Mariners news...

  • Grant Brisbee breaks down the home run that Kyle Seager hit that may have pelted a Rangers fan in a sensitive area.
  • Jason Churchill at Prospect Insider is concerned with Hisashi Iwakuma.
  • M’s pitching prospect Andrew Moore is set to make his Triple-A debut later today.

Around the league...

  • The Giants are a horrible team so far, but Brisbee doesn’t foresee a rebuild for them when the trade deadline comes around.
  • The Players’ Tribune allows A’s first baseman Yonder Alonso to tell the story of his journey from Cuba to America.
  • Matt Harvey was apparently suspended because he went golfing instead of coming to the ballpark.
  • Athletics Nation checks in on the A’s prospects down on the farm. A.J. Puk — arguably the best pitcher in last year’s draft — is killing it this season.
  • Patrick Dubuque wrote some beautiful baseball fiction in Long Relief with Baseball Prospectus.
  • A swarm of bees invaded the ballpark at Kansas City. This happened to me in the middle of a game in junior high school once. It sucked.
  • In case you missed it, the Yankees and Cubs played in an 18-inning marathon two nights ago in which the park ran out of baseballs.
  • Jeremy Guthrie has given up on baseball. The starter had an embarrassing first start to the season and was cut by the Nationals in the aftermath.
  • Somehow, some way, the Yankees have the best team in the sport. Jeff Sullivan wrote about just that in his latest piece with Fangraphs.
  • Pirates starter Jameson Taillon underwent surgery yesterday for testicular cancer. We wish him the very best in his recovery.
  • Cory Luebke has retired from baseball.
  • The Braves have cut ties with Ryan Howard, who was struggling in Triple-A.