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The Lookout Landing Podcast - Episode 12: Talking Texas Rangers and Mutton Bustin' with Levi Weaver

Sometimes enemies can briefly enjoy one another’s company. Ever so briefly.

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners
Don’t forget leg day, kids.
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Kate Preusser and John Trupin are joined by WFAA Texas Rangers beat writer and storyteller Levi Weaver to preview the upcoming series between the Rangers and the Mariners. Tales of bullpen heartache, early injuries, and Adrian Beltré and Tom Wilhelmsen adoration are traded. Levi discusses his unconventional pathway to a career in baseball writing. Kate and John do their best to avoid divine judgment while recording in the middle of a thunderstorm and Levi reveals himself to be the black sheep of a family of cowboy church preachers and the head of your new favorite Twitter account. Twitter questions are answered as always, including a Rangers fan’s perspective on the delightful Félix-Beltré friendly rivalry matchups, A.J. Griffin's pacifism, and Jerry Dipoto as a dessert on the share table at lunch.

Most importantly, we learn about Mutton Bustin’, which will be LL’s official focus by the end of July at the latest. Check out this champ:

Other Topics Include: Life Lessons Through Sheep Riding, Two Turtle Coaches, Joey Gallohmygod, The Island of Dr. Morneau, Camaraderie(?), and more.

Music: Lyle Lovett - That's Right (You're Not From Texas), Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Devil Like Me

To find more of Levi, follow him at @ThreeTwoEephus on Twitter.

For more Felino DeShields-like content, follow Levi’s alter-ego @DoctorMorneau.

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