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Sporcle Friday: AL West minor league affiliates

Can you match these minor league teams to their AL West affiliates?

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics

Happy Friday, y’all. Today’s quiz is a MATCHING quiz, where you’re tasked with figuring out which minor league teams are affiliated with each of the MLB teams in the AL West. I’ve no idea how much attention the average M’s fan pays to minor league happenings, so this could end up being pretty difficult for a lot of you? (Hopefully everyone gets all of the Mariners ones, at least.) We’ll find out!

Note: If you click to answer and get it wrong, you don’t get another chance to guess again, so be careful! However, you can skip around with the PREV and NEXT arrows if you think that’ll be helpful.

Good luck!

And go M’s.

Direct link to the quiz!