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Learn about baseball and drink with us at Pitch Talks. (Maybe for free!)

Free and baseball in the same sentence, but not in a way that makes you worry about Casey Fien pitching.

Pitch Talks

If this is your first time reading Lookout Landing and you have chosen to click on this article I am afraid you’ll have a deeply misleading representation of what our site and community are all about. Self-advertising feels gross, but in this particular instance, we think it’s for something everyone will enjoy. Moreover, we have a few free tickets we will be giving away! Pitch Talks, if you are unfamiliar, is a program sponsoring lively discussions about baseball with experts from various fields. They have significant Q&A sections, drinks, food, and generally harbor a laid back vibe that makes them, by all accounts, a whole lot of fun. They’ve done shows all over North America and are coming to Seattle on Monday, June 5th, from 7-11 PM, at Neumos in Capitol Hill.

This is a cool thing and worth getting into anyways, but considering the lineup of panelists, we’re especially excited, considering they include the founder of our site and community, two LL alumni, and our current managing editor.

Beyond Jeff, Meg, Patrick, and Kate, USS Mariner founder and Fangraphs managing editor Dave Cameron is likely familiar to many of you, as are Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times and Shannon Drayer and Mike Salk of 710 ESPN. Kyle Boddy is the founder and owner of Driveline Baseball, which operates out of Kent and applies “data-driven training” and advanced sports science to help athletes expand their skill-sets and increase their physical capacity. Dan Altavilla and Andrew Moore are a couple notable players from the Mariners organization that work with Driveline, along with Oregon State baseball. It should be an engaging discussion on baseball from a variety of perspectives, and if you are interested in buying tickets you can do so here. They are $20-25.

As for the free tickets, the best way to make it possible to attend for anyone was simply to do the giveaway here, in the comments below. We will choose two winners at random and contact you Friday at 10 AM PT. We have two pairs of tickets, four tickets in total. Here’s how to enter:

1st. Comment below and in the “Title” section simply put your username.

2nd. In the body of your comment, put a question you would ask the panelists. It doesn’t have to be anything brilliant, but I know you’re curious folk.

3rd. That’s it! Check this article again Friday and see if you’ve won. We’ll pin this near the top of the site so you don’t have to go digging.

Thanks so much, and hope to see you there!

Go M’s.