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5/21/17: Open Game Thread

Derek Holland vs. ...Chris Heston? I guess?

pretty good pitchface
pretty good pitchface
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Sunday. If you willingly watched all of the Mariners game last night, well, I don't know whether to hug you or punch you in the face. Jake Mailhot said before this series started that the White Sox are bad, and if the Mariners lose to them they are also bad. We are coming up on the grim reality that this might be a bad team.

Currently, that's hard to argue. This iteration of the team is very bad, as demonstrated last night. But there is good news. The Mariners will probably miss Max Scherzer in the Washington series, and Chris Sale in the Boston series. James Paxton is throwing a bullpen session today and, if things go well, will go on a rehab assignment this week. Mitch Haniger will also be heading out on a rehab assignment this week, although it's not clear yet where. Cano should be back for the beginning of the road trip.


It would be really nice to head into the off day and the (tough) road trip with a series split, coming off a win. Realistically, that might be difficult with this lineup/starter/year.

NOTE: the lineups are not available while I am typing this, I think because the Mariners are waiting on some MRI information re: Danny Valencia and his wrist. If Valencia is really hurt, look for Vogelbach to be activated for today's game--he's in the Mariners clubhouse right now, which you know if you read the GT yesterday. LL, breaking news. Otherwise, I suppose we will see another day of the Taylor Motter - Mike Freeman infield.

Here's who the White Sox are running out, at least:

Game is on ROOTNW and 7:10 ESPN at 1:05, although if you wanted to go outside instead, that'd be justified.

Side note: the Rangers/Tigers are the Sunday night game, and I am going to watch it just because it doesn't involve the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, etc.