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Open Game Thread: 5/20

Yovani Gallardo vs. Mike Pelfrey

a hero approaches (slowly)
a hero approaches (slowly)
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

If you are in the Seattle area, you will know that today is finally a truly perfect Seattle day: sunny and cloudless, warm but not too warm. I've had this suspicion for a while that once the weather turns around, so will the team's lousy luck with injuries. This appears to perhaps not be the case:

Well damn. Valencia was a late scratch with a sore wrist that he apparently injured on a slide last night. It didn't look like too much to me last night, but if they're going to the trouble of putting Vogelbach on a plane, that doesn't bode too well. It's important to note this is just a rumor at this point and there's nothing official yet; maybe Vogey is just a little under the weather. It would be pretty brutal for the Mariners to lose Valencia for any length of time, as he's been one of the more consistent bats in the lineup over these past couple weeks. Will the projected lineup for the 2017 Mariners ever play together at once? It remains to be seen.

On to the lineups:

Today's Lineups

Yolmer Sanchez - 2B Jean Segura - SS
Melky Cabrera - LF Ben Gamel - RF
Jose Abreu - 1B Nelson Cruz - DH
Avisail Garcia - RF Kyle Seager - 3B
Todd Frazier - 3B Taylor Motter - 1B
Tim Anderson - SS Guillermo Heredia - LF
Matt Davidson - DH Mike Freeman - 2B
Omar Narvaez - C Carlos Ruiz - C
Willy Garcia - CF Jarrod Dyson - CF
Mike Pelfrey - RHP Yovani Gallardo - RHP

Everyone was very sad when Zach referred to Yovani Gallardo as default staff ace, so I will refrain from doing that here, but hopefully the Ancient One can keep the Mariners in the game long enough for the offense to score some runs. Speaking of which, here are some fun numbers:

A) .158/.238/.211

B) .310/.394/.345

Slash line A is Robinson Cano's against Mike Pelfrey (19 AB). Slash line B belongs to...Carlos Ruiz (29 AB). Danny Valencia is 2-for-3 against Pelfrey, so of course he's the one who's hurt.

Game time: 7:05 PST; on ROOTNW for your eyes and 710 ESPN for your ears.

It's Buhner bobblehead night, so be prepared for Jay, Jay, and more Jay.