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Sporcle Friday: M's with multiple SBs in a game

Can you name the M's players who snagged multiple stolen bases in a game (since 2000)?

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Cleveland Indians
mrzoombiya, at your service
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends. Happy the-day-after-a-Mariners-walk-off Friday, which is one of the best sorts of days. Bizarro bullpen management aside, last night’s game was pretty darn fun. Guillermo Heredia’s game-winning hit received a lot of attention (deservedly so), but I was maybe the most excited about Jarrod Dyson’s performance last night. A dinger!?! Stolen bases! Running like wildfire around the basepaths to break up double plays and score that winning run! He’s such a dynamic player. In honor of Dyson’s fleet feet, today’s Sporcle quiz is related to stealin’ bases. Your task is to try and recall all of the Mariners speedsters who’ve successfully swiped multiple bags in a ballgame (since 2000).

This feat has been accomplished 146 times over the past 17+ seasons by 32 different players. (One player is responsible for ~44% of these occurrences; I bet just about every one of you will remember who that was.) Good luck!

And go M’s.

Direct link to the quiz!