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Scouting the United Way Safeco Field All-Star Softball Classic for potential Mariners

Hopefully star power translates.

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Mariners have more holes than can be counted in the organization due to health issues. Yovani Gallardo is the only remaining starter from the projected Opening Day five. The Seattle rotation looks like the Tacoma rotation and the Tacoma rotation looks like the St. Martin’s University rotation. The entire organization is suffering at this point to a degree that would be hilarious if it weren’t so goddamn sad:

Thankfully, reinforcements have arrived, and they put on a showcase in the Mariners own front yard. The United Way of King County, sponsored by several businesses and charitable organizations, including the Brettler Family Foundation and the Raikes Foundation, and Microsoft, put on the annual Safeco Field All-Star Softball Classic this past Saturday. The event is a fundraiser for supporting homeless youth and has been adopted and supported with vigor by local athletes and celebrities. What a good cause, what generosity, blah blah - CAN ANY OF THEM HELP THE MARINERS?


Let’s look at the lineup: Team Jay (Buhner) is in red, Team Dan (Wilson) in Blue:

It’s a veritable Who’s Who people had to pretend I recognized and knew about utilizing context clues in conversation. Unfortunately, some of these players have obligations that may preclude them from availability in the 2017 season. The Seahawks players, for instance, are unlikely to be able to add much, unless Pete Carroll decides to try and avoid future training camp contact penalties by canceling it altogether. Retired baseball players would have to file to unretire and might not find it worth the hassle. Mary Nam anchors the 4, 6, and 11 PM news and would really have to book it to make it in time for most home games. Thankfully, a few players stood out and may be able to make an impact for the M’s soon.

5. Macklemore - UTIL

The poet laureate of Seattle 20-28 year-olds who loved-his-early-stuff-in-8th-grade-but-don’t-like-him-now-that-he’s-mainstream was impressive on the field and behind the scenes. Mr. Haggerty is no stranger to Safeco Field performances, and his experience showed as he displayed pop with the bat and speed in the field, including an inside-the-park-homer. He was a bit high-energy and jittery at 2B, but threw himself after every ball with reckless abandon. Equally notable was his Canó-like magnetism, enticing Gary Payton to switch from Team Jay to Team Wilson mid-game. Points are docked as Mack’s trade perhaps was the downfall of his team, as Team Jay went on to win 21-12.

4. Renee Erickson - C/1B

Erickson stepped out from behind the fire of one of her several seafood restaurants and brought a powerful Bateau with her to the plate. A ripped line drive down the left field line that brought in two RBI highlighted her day at the plate for Team Jay. While Erickson didn’t receive extensive work defensively and her framing appeared lackluster, she looked more comfortable in the righty batter’s box than Tuffy Gosewisch has so far, and is worth a look.

3. Desiree and Chris Siegfried - C/OF and LHP/1B

The winners of Season 9 of the Bachelorette were a force to be reckoned with, and did their best to keep Team Dan afloat. Desiree showed spray-hitting tendencies, and looks like a real potential super-sub with athleticism and skill to fill any position on the lineup card. Siegfried hit a mammoth homer that one-hopped into the right field stands and showed elite skill with the bat and the glove. Moreover, the 31 year-old lefty is a 6’4 former pitcher in the Chicago Cubs organization, who pitched from 2007-2011. His final season in High-A had a respectable 8.42 K/9 and an FIP of 3.75 and look the Mariners just canceled a minor league game because they didn’t have pitching I’m pretty sure he’d be just fine please stop getting hurt guys.

2. Ben Gibbard - OF/RHP

The final two spots are reserved for Team Jay’s standouts. Gibbard ripped line drives all day in the 21-12 (6 innings) but his most impressive work may have been in the outfield. He ranged to his left to track down a deep fly ball, wisely calling off his center fielder and defensive liability Jay Buhner, then came back the next play with a shoestring catch running in to end the inning. The true highlight came later, however. Macklemore sent a laser to deep left-center and began racing around the bases, eager for his second inside-the-park homer of the game. Gibbard rifled the ball in on the money to SS Robert Levesque, who put the ball on the money to Dave Valle at the plate and nail Mack. The outfield depth looks solid, especially with Mitch Haniger on the mend, but Jerry is not one to pass up on adding another rangy defensive ace.

1. Roger Levesque - SS

The former Seattle Sounders FC forward is a man known for quick, explosive starts and looked the part of a leadoff man in the Jean Segura. His hitting highlighted Team Jay’s victory, with a homer and several hits that padded the lead. His defense was exemplary, showing range and arm strength befitting of the captain of the infield. The 36 year-old has plenty left in the tank, and should be fresh after a few years of retirement. With Robinson Canó on the DL, the Mariners could use another infielder to boost the lineup and its versatility.

Make the call, Jerry, they’re ready.