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Sporcle Friday: Seattle Mariners with the most hits in the 1990s

Can you name the M’s who recorded more than 100 hits in the grungiest of decades?


Hello, friends. Happy Friday. It’s actually Friday as I type this (12:03 am, to be exact) and I just got back from watching The Lego Batman movie at the Crest Theatre (it was fun/goofy and well worth my $4 admission) and I completely forgot that I had to write a Sporcle quiz until five minutes ago. I apologize for my scatterbrainedness! As a result, I didn’t have a chance to think of a quiz topic that was topical/relevant to current M’s events; instead, I just went and stole one of the recent Sporcle ideas that they used over at Royals Review (they’ve been doing Sporcle Fridays for awhile now, too).

Anywayyyyyyy, today’s quiz asks you to name the Mariners batters who recorded the most hits in the 1990s. 25 players recorded more than 100 hits for the M’s between 1990 and 1999. How many of them can you name? Good luck!

And goms.

Direct link to the quiz!