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4/8: Open Game Thread

Birthday King vs Angels ace Ricky Nolasco

Nathan Rauschenberg

To the wind, and the rain, and the whims of fate, and the eyes of the umpiring crew. To karma, and the luck dragons, and the big 'ol Cookie Monster in the sky, please let this be a glorious 11,315th day in the life of our King. May the zone be just (and if the lefty strike must rear its head, let it be in the Mariners' favor), may the offense's power return, and may Mike Scioscia's face reach new levels of red.

It's early in the season, the sample size is small, there's no need to worry yet, etc. etc. but on a personal note, the last few days have been miserable and it'd be really nice to end this evening with a win. It's the little (and completely out of your own control) things, ya know?

Today's Lineups

Jean Segura - SS Yunel Escobar - 3B
Mitch Haniger - RF Kole Calhoun - RF
Robinson Cano - 2B Mike Trout - CF
Nelson Cruz - DH Albert Pujols - DH
Kyle Seager - 3B Andrelton Simmons - SS
Danny Valencia - 1B Cameron Maybin - LF
Leonys Martin - CF Jefry Marte - 1B
Mike Zunino - C Danny Espinosa - 2B
Jarrod Dyson - LF Martin Maldonado - C
Felix Hernandez - RHP Ricky Nolasco - RHP

In King Félix's name we cheer. Go Ms!