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Sporcle Friday: 26-year-old rookies with 18+ HR

The Mariners new right fielder is projected to hit 18 dingers this season. How common is this feat for an ~older rookie?

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday! It’s nice that we were finally able to celebrate a Mariners win yesterday. It was about damn time.

So are y’all on the Haniger Hype Train yet? I’m not quite there, but after his performance over the last few games I’m slowly inching closer. In honor of Trupin’s favorite rookie/baseball player/human being, I’ve decided to make today’s Sporcle quasi-related to Mr. Haniger.

Fact: Both Depth Charts and ZiPS predict that Mitch Haniger will smack 18 home runs this year. That’s a fairly impressive number for a rookie, especially for a guy who didn’t crack an Opening Day roster until he was 26 years old. (For reference, the median qualified M’s rookie position player throughout franchise history has been 23 years old.) Which brings us to today’s quiz topic...

This week, your task is to identify all of the 26-year-old (or older) rookies who managed to hit 18 or more home runs within the last 25 seasons. This has been accomplished just 21 times since 1992. Less than a player a year! Because this isn’t an M’s-centric quiz, I’ve given you guys both the year and the team as hints. Hopefully that should help you out and prevent this quiz from being too hard. (It might be too hard nonetheless; oh well.)

Good luck!

Direct link to the quiz.